Giro Tasmania 2007/08

In the Australian summer of 2008 and 09 I cycled around the island of Tasmania. Another interesting journey and the first time I took a bike instead of my hiking boots. In fact I was going to hike there and had booked a flight. ready to hit the South West. But an infection in one of my toes drove me to abandon the hike. Mud and infections don’t go together.

French Farm Hut - Maria Island

Hastily I got Stumpjumper out of the shed and unprepared and in need for a service he travelled with me to Tassie. Two days into my journey and I had to return to Hobart because one of my pedals broke. Later on the trip whilst descending in the mountains of the West I felt a wobble in my rear wheel. Upon inspection I found that the rim was tearing open. The thinness of the worn-out rim and the heat of the breaks in the steep descents had caused it to split open and I had to ‘bus’ back to Devonport where I had to replace both wheels with new ones.

Weldborough Pub

Still, I managed to return to the West and continued the journey. I had bought a BOB trailer and this proved to be an ideal choice and vehicle to carry tents, burner, food and sleeping gear. The trailer provided stability on the road and also was a beacon for cars and (logging) trucks that came from behind.

I knew that I was going to ride more after this experience.

Lake Rowallan


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