Update spending of collected funding

The following email came from a nurse at the Kratie Referral Hospital. In discussing who would benefit most from the funding we decided that the money should not go to the hospital directly as the chances are high that this money would then be disappearing. We chose to set up a fund primarily focused on patients themselves who often have very little  financial means.

In April 2012 I will travel back to Kratie and see what more can be done. I will keep you informed.




“I just want to send you the summary of your donated money for Kratie Referral Hospital. As of today, the money that was spent is 1,260 (USD). The money was spent on the following:

1. Referral of 10 patients to Phnom Penh- $610

2. Blood Fridge Repair- $470

3. Buying of some hospital equipments- $210

There is a balance of $1,209.50


About The Geert Escape

I am a creative person who also likes to ride bikes. The combination of the two has lead to very interesting adventures and has given me a look into other cultures. This blog is a additional communication medium where I will show and tell about my trips, and in particular background information about The Geert Escape charity.
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3 Responses to Update spending of collected funding

  1. Sam Roberts says:

    Nice work, sadly I’ll be in the UK in April so will likely miss your visit to Kratie.

    • Hi Sam,

      That’s a shame. I was looking forward to show you 5 A.R’s from my students. I am still waiting for one to be emailed through and then I will burn the pdf’s onto disc and lave it at the CRDT office. I will have a week to spend in Kratie and would like to visit Koh Phdao again, the hospital and perhaps Tola in the office. Maybe I can do something for crdt while I’m there.

      Anyway, have a great trip to home!


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